Monday, February 21, 2011

I started with a Thunderheader slip on that was left over from a wreck. It was off of a bagger so I cut the extension off that is sitting in the vice in this shot.

I also cut the secondary pipe from the original V&H set up and tacked the collector to it.

And so there ya have it, my new upswept Thunderheader, or....the POTATO LAUNCHER.

and den........

With the slices in to top section of the pipe, I strapped the lower side closer to the frame and closed the slices.
Which got the the clearance from the forward controls and the master cylinder.

New 2 into 1 all tacked up..........

So I've had this V&H header kickin around for ever......damaged slip on, but the header and secondary pipe were decent.

The problem is ya cant run this thing with forewards and it was pretty tight to the rear M/C

So I made some marks on both pipes, so I can pull the pipe in tighter on the bottom.