Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is the issue with american manufacturing......

Craftsman...... not only outsourcing the manufacturing of a wrench it obviously copied from an American tool maker, but also sold in its stores till it found a cheaper way to have it made. This is just one of the reasons that this country is in the position it is currently in. American workers out of a job, American ingenuity copied for corporate profit. I have a good bit of Craftsman tools in my box, I think other than replacing broken tools I will no longer be supporting the Craftsman name.
Read about it HERE.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A buddy of mine sent me a couple video's a while back and i just got a chance to have a look at them. A little more practice doing rollers out behind the shop. Dude on the Softail is young buck Rob trying to figure this burnout thing

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some pics of the Dyna w/o the bags......

I am putting this bike together to fit all the needs I have:
                1   To Haul Ass and run through the corners....motor work is the largest expense,
                     so the chassis and paint work come 1st.
                2   To be able to haul me, my wife and our shit where ever we decide we want to
                     go, hence the detachable bags, trunk and backrest.
                3   To be built by me as much as possible.

Here are a couple pics of it with out the bags and backrest.

 Upgrades in the works for this winter are an FXDX Fork upgrade, an FXR-T Fairing that will be removable,  Powdercoat and paint work, and I have most of the parts for the 113 inch motor kit, just need to get the cam chest parts together and have the cases bored for 4 inch cylinders.

                                                                Over & Out

Monday, November 5, 2012

Taken back in early October.....A little practice out behind the shop doin rollers on my Superglide.....hey, I only almost ate shit once, not bad in my book. I have not tried any since I put the taller bars on, they make such a difference in how the bike handles and responds to your movement I need some seat time to get used to it.

My Superglide project

This is basically what it looked like when i got it....other than the plate being in the normal location.

This is it a year later, with the mini fairing, 1st gen DX shocks, cut down levers, relocated plate, and mag wheels. This shot was taken with the Ray Price Samson 2 into 1, I recently slid a Thunderheader on to it.
This is a shot of a mock up I did last winter at the shop, bags are already done and the FXRD fairing is next

Couple oddball shots.....

Bags & Backrest installed, new shocks, old bars.
This is the latest pic I have, couple weeks ago in Hillsboro in some moderate weather.

Gettin cold outside......

Went to a taller set of T-bars, put a set of grip heaters in and some handguards.....eventually I'll find a shot of this bike without the baggage and throw it up here.
I've got everything together for the FXDX front fork upgrade, will install over the winter in my freezing ass that all my tools are here at home with me......Layoff SUCKS.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My 81 various levels of progress.....

When i got it......

change er up a bit

more towards the goal.....

Ditched the rear banana

new set o bars

and some paint work.....behind the wrench shifter.

oh.....and pipes....I did not do these myself.

So I was havin a beer.......

Dual discs up front....will run again soon

 My 94 sporty. Sits in waiting for some attention. Built 1250 motor with Edelbrock heads, Andrews N6 cams, S&S Super B. I have 07 Buell XB front suspension and front and rear wheels, and a custom made swingarm that I'm going to slide onto this frame. Some rear frame mods are also likely.

Home for a bit after a sweet hernia I got some time to dick around here. Some pics of my past rides......

 My 03 FXDX, pics taken at different times.

The mini spare off my Buick Roadmaster......good for burnouts and such.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Been a while.......

But here's an update.

 Sold this one in the spring

My daily ride
And in Road Trip Mode.....

Since this was shot in July a Thunderheader has found its way to me and has been installed, BARELY clears the bags but it does. Those are Harley Touring bags, on detachable brackets I fabbed up from some old Softail leather bag supports. Both bags and the backrest all lift off as one. This winter it is getting a FXRT fairing, FXDX forks, and late model HD Bembo front brakes. Taller set of T-bars are in the works to clear the fairing as well. Paint and powder coat are also in the plan......I'm gonna need a new fuckin job.....

Rock out with your chop out........

Thursday, March 29, 2012