Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some pics of the Dyna w/o the bags......

I am putting this bike together to fit all the needs I have:
                1   To Haul Ass and run through the corners....motor work is the largest expense,
                     so the chassis and paint work come 1st.
                2   To be able to haul me, my wife and our shit where ever we decide we want to
                     go, hence the detachable bags, trunk and backrest.
                3   To be built by me as much as possible.

Here are a couple pics of it with out the bags and backrest.

 Upgrades in the works for this winter are an FXDX Fork upgrade, an FXR-T Fairing that will be removable,  Powdercoat and paint work, and I have most of the parts for the 113 inch motor kit, just need to get the cam chest parts together and have the cases bored for 4 inch cylinders.

                                                                Over & Out

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