Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where The Hell Is The Sun?

Once again it's been a while. Been F'ing cold so not much action in the shop, but things are SLOWLY on the warm up and I have been able to get at it a little. Been working on the mounts for the FXRD FXRT fairing, pretty much got things worked out so it will mount up nice and tight and still be relatively easy to pull of when I want to. I have come up with a whole new plan for the stereo deck, but that is gonna take some scratch to get going on, so I'm keeping that plan under wraps for now. The fairing itself is going to hold 2 6x9's and 2 yet to be determined tweeters, with a decent amp inside the fairing. I have a complete late model touring headlight not the LED mount in the fairing, and I am keeping my eyes open for a set of spot light pods to add on later. The fairing I have is a little rough, but I am going to have at it to see how decent I can get it to look. Being the cheap fuck that I am my intention is to paint all the sheet metal flat white, hit the fairing with bed liner to match the bags, then cut some bed liner flames onto the sheet metal to blend things together. It is what it is! Here are some shots of the bracket work, I should be able to get some more up soon.

I run the 2" tank lift, that is what you see right behind the top tree. 

A little welding and fab work to get the bracket solidly mounted, she be ready to go.

Made these two pieces up to run straight back from the lower mount to the lowest hole yo see on the frame 2 pics up.

To be continued............

Also got my new Digital Adjustable Ignition installed, took the old one out the was flopping around in here somewhere, whiz wheeled a bunch of material out of the area and made it fit so all I have to do is pop the cover off to make an adjustment........easy.... cheezy .....

 This cover will get some work soon as