Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still working on the Engine Turning thing......

The problem with doing this on a round object is that you end up with a final mark that is round. Yeah.....its not easy to see, but I can see it...which isn't gonna work.
I have a couple idea's...............
The first thing I tried was to line up a mark with each spoke.....I like but I'm not sold

I am using 1 inch scotch wheels to mark the wheel, there are several ways to lay it out.
Another problem is that you have to sand off the clear coat to mark the aluminum. Therefore youre gonna have to clear it again to prevent corrosion. Clear powdercoat is an option...but I gave my favorite rattle can a shot......I like the red on the black!
I have one more idea on eliminating the final round mark.......I'll try it this week.

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